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Case Studies

Missing Lateral Incisors, Female Teen, Santa Maria CA

Treatment time 24 Months Missing tooth – upper left lateral incisor Peg lateral upper right lateral incisor Excessive upper spacing Slightly excessive overjet Treatment Plan: […]


Adult Clear Braces Arroyo Grande, California

Adult Treatment – Mild Crowding – Clear Braces Female – 45 years old – Arroyo Grande, CA Moderate crowding of upper and lower permanent teeth […]


Severe Crowding With Extraction, Female Teen, Santa Maria, CA

Treatment Time: 24 Months Severe crowding upper and lower teeth, mandibular midline shift to left, deep impinging overbite Treatment Plan: Extract first premolars Full upper and […]


Adult Braces Santa Maria, California

Total treatment time with Orthognatic surgery 31 Months Orthognathic surgery scheduled 11-20-2014 Prior to surgery – Dr. Poole leveled and aligned the dentin within the […]


Crossbite Case Study

Partial anterior cross bite and Posterior crossbite on right side– does not allow teeth to come together naturally so food is harder to chew and […]