Santa Ynez Orthodontics for the Entire Family

Looking for a great orthodontist?  If you live in or around Santa Ynez you’re in luck and owe it to yourself to visit Poole Orthodontics.  We provide outstanding orthodontic treatment in a relaxing atmosphere.  We’re here for your entire family, not just teens, with preventive exams and adult orthodontic care.  Looking for a more beautiful smile?  It’s never too late for a big boost in self-confidence that makes a difference in your professional as well as personal life.  And there’s more than looks at stake.  Expert treatment reduces the incidence of tooth decay, gum and bone problems, avoids excessive wear on tooth enamel, and can permanently relieve TMJ (Temporomandibular TMD/TMJ) pain.  If you’re having difficulty eating due to a bite problem, orthodontic care can correct that as well.

Poole Orthodontics

Most likely you’re looking into whether your child needs braces.  Whether youngster, teen, or adult doesn’t matter.  You’re never too old, and unfortunately sometimes not too young for orthodontic treatment.  Metal braces have been around for ages and are still the best course of treatment for conditions such as

  • severely misaligned, rotated, overcrowded, or widely spaced teeth
  • over bite, cross bite, and under bite
  • teeth of different heights.

The good news is that they’re now much more comfortable than they were just a decade ago.  Santa Ynez residents also have the option of less noticeable ceramic braces, clear, tooth-colored, or with special colors to actually stand out.

Excellence in Orthodontic Treatments for Santa Ynez

Orthodontic treatment deals with crooked and poorly spaced teeth, such as protruding upper front teeth.  Whether you come to us for a more beautiful smile or because of a particular problem, as one of our patients you’ll receive personalized care.  After a thorough examination we’ll take the time to discuss our findings along with your treatment options. We’ll outline your treatment plan, including follow up, and and answer all of your questions.

Clear Correct ®

The leading alternative since its introduction well over a decade ago, Clear Correct ® is virtually invisible and quite comfortable.  The system consists of some 18-30 custom fitted clear aligners.  You can quickly and easily remove them for eating, drinking, brushing, and cleaning.  But it’s up to you to actually wear them 20 to 22 hours each day.

Night Guards

Professionally custom fit night guards are the best treatment for bruxism (tooth grinding).  Standard over-the-counter mouth guards are less comfortable and far less effective in protecting against damaging teeth and injuring gums and jaws.

Preventive Orthodontics

With an early orthodontic examination, a few months of treatment now can avoid a year or more of dental office visits later.  It’s a good idea for you to bring your child in for a quick and painless exam at around 7 years old.  Early orthodontic treatment could save several years of discomfort or problems that your child thinks are normal and never mentions.

A Bit About Santa Ynez CA

Known for its world class wineries, the town of Santa Ynez is a “census designated place” (not officially a city) with a 2010 population of 4,418 residents.  The name is Spanish for Saint Agnes.  In California’s legislature the town is represented in the 19th senate district and the 37th assembly district.  In the US legislature Santa Ynez is in the State’s 24th congressional district.(,_California)