Back To School With Braces

Going back to school after a fun filled summer can be exciting yet stressful for our young scholars! Dr. Poole and her staff want to ensure that our patients can transition into a new school grade with ease and comfort. Many students who started orthodontic treatment during the summer may worry about what others will think and say about their new smiles. They may be worried about eating the right foods or taking care of their new braces properly.

To help make your child’s transition into a new school grade with braces as easy as possible Dr. Stacy Poole recommends you pack them a “braces supply kit” with a few essential items to include:

  1. A small mirror – this will allow your child to check their teeth after each meal to make sure there isn’t any food stuck between their braces.
  2. Interproximal brushes – these small and convenient brushes are amazing tools that help clean between the braces to keep your child’s teeth sparkling clean and free of stuck on food.
  3. Wax – this will help ease any pain if your child notices a wire poking or a loose bracket.

These items can easily fit into a small Ziploc bag or cosmetic bag and placed into their backpacks.

Also, parents please be aware of what foods you pack for your kid’s lunch! Remember cut apples, not whole apples, soft granola bars, not crunchy, no nuts, no Taki’s … something to think about when you are at the grocery store!