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Researchers are continually finding links in oral and whole body health. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) researchers have observe that people who suffer from gum disease are much more likely to have challenges keeping blood sugar under control and are more likely to develop heart disease.

As researchers continue to find more associations between overall bodily health and oral health, it has determined that gum disease is often a precursor to medical problems. One can automatically conclude that good oral health doesn’t just involve maintaining an attractive, healthy smile. Instead, it can impact your overall body’s health and wellness. Poole Orthodontics understands that when your teeth hurt sometimes your overall health lowers. Set up an appointment with us if you are having problems with your orthodontics.

Links Between Whole Body Health and Gum Disease

Do you think that gum disease and other health issues occurring simultaneously are just a coincidence? Most people feel there is. Have you had a toothache accompanied with a headache or sinus pressure? The connecting tissues are obviously affected. Yet, the links go much further than that. Studies are showing four possible connections between your body’s health and your mouth’s health:

  • Clogged arteries have been linked to those suffering from excessive oral inflammation.
  • The American Society of Microbiology has proven there are certain kinds of oral bacteria that infect arterial cells, weakening the wall of the heart.
  • Teeth loosening are also believed to be an osteoporosis warning sign, which is a disease that causes less density of the bones.
  • There have been studies conducted that suggest women who suffer from gum disease are more likely to deliver pre-term, low-weight babies than those who don’t suffer from gum problems.

Orthodontics and Gum Issues

So what does Poole Orthodontics treating people’s orthodontic needs have to do with gum disease? Braces don’t just give you an attractive smile. They provide other advantages. Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and they have less problems at the gum line where bacteria can thrive. While the above studies lack some hard facts, the message should be an adequate warning. If you improve oral health, you are most likely improving your overall body health and wellness. Dr. Stacy Poole and her team at Poole Orthodontics thinks that is a chance that you should find worth taking!

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