Making The Most of Your Braces Experience

Congratulations on taking the first steps toward a healthy and beautiful smile! Although the process of straightening your teeth is VERY rewarding it can also be time consuming!
At Poole Orthodontics – we believe that your time is valuable and want to assure you that your time spent here is well worth it. The end result has the potential to change your outlook on life, leaving you with a positive self image and the confidence to face the world with a whole new smile! Here are a few ideas to help pass the time.


Keep track of the days that you have left until your braces are off can be a great way to count down the time. Take time to get creative and make it your own. Some have chosen to make a printed wall version but making a digital one can be just as effective. Try including monthly or biweekly photos so you can track what your teeth look like. It may make a cool keepsake later.
Some have even chosen to include monthly rewards in their calendar as an incentive. As you reach your monthly goal you’ll learn to be patient and the time will seem to pass faster. Having a monthly reward to look forward to usually helps you to focus on the reward instead of the end date.


Some patients have been pretty inventive with their braces journal. Some have created a chain (either of paper or some other item) that has future events they look forward to after their braces are removed. Others have created a more traditional journal of how they felt during the process. One journal even had side notes of all the braces jokes they encountered (as well as comebacks)!

The initial idea of getting braces can be offsetting, but if you make the most of the experience you’ll be able to enjoy the memories later. If you are still deciding on the type of braces that you want or have questions, feel free to call Poole Orthodontics at (805)-922-4778.

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